Investment and Market Research

Cranial Capital, Inc. is consistently engaged in projects that involve the research of companies and the markets of packaging. We evaluate companies based on: management, markets served, competitive position, technology and various financial criterion. In many cases, investors and packaging companies evaluating growth strategies will ask Cranial Capital, Inc. to provide and in-depth, yet concise, review of a packaging market. We try to approach the analysis from 35,000 feet right down to the retail shelf. Unlike other similar publications, we don’t believe “bigger is better” and more importantly, we frown upon the interpretation of data that drives “numbers that might have been and numbers that might be!”

Corporate Strategy / M&A Advisory

Cranial Capital, Inc.'s approach to corporate strategy services is to act first as a clarifier and secondly as a catalyst for change. Our assignments can last 1-day, 1-month or a year. We interact with all facets of senior management to extract information which can avoid pitfalls and maximize opportunities. In terms of M&A Advisory, we work with investors and corporate clients alike. Our services include traditional due diligence, senior management interviews, valuation and bidding strategies.

Event Speaker

Cranial Capital, Inc. President Timothy P. Burns is well known on the speaking circuit. He has addressed trade groups, packaging companies, industry conferences and the suppliers to, and users of, packaging. His most frequent speech is entitled “Packaging Industry Outlook & Review.” However, he has dealt with such topics as Wal Mart, “The Japanese Packaging Business,” “The Future of the Standup Pouch,” “The Death of the Beverage Can” and M&A Trends.