About Cranial Capital

Timothy P. Burns has 43 years of experience in the Packaging Industry. The experience encompasses academic, Industry, Investment research/banking and consulting. 

He began his career at The Rochester Institute of Technology where he received a B.S. Degree in Packaging Science in 1980. For the next 7 years Tim worked in the industry as a design and sales engineer for Kerr Glass (Rigids) and United Foam Plastics (Protective Packaging). 

In 1987 he moved to Wall Street where he worked as an Equity Research Analyst for 10-years (Prescott Ball & Turben, First Boston).

In 1996 Burns formed Cranial Capital, Inc. as a vehicle for doing research and consulting on a more flexible and independent basis.
Cranial Capital’s clients have included: LSG Advisors, Societe General, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Perella Weinberg Partners.
Tim’s experience offers three levels of value to clients, 
First, he has been a student of Packaging for 40+ years. His tenure in Packaging have garnered an unparalleled understanding of the evolution of materials, processing technology and innovation strategies that impact the value creation process for companies and their investors.
Second, he has diverse experience within the Packaging Industry: a Degree in Packaging Science from RIT, work as an engineer in the Packaging Industry and finally experience as equity research analyst/consultant for his an other financial firms.
Third, Burns has had experience with a wide range of businesses: Public and private, large and small, domestic and international. This unique vantage point provides value to clients.
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Cranial Capital, Inc. and Burns takes it very seriously and knows his clients value it.